Welcome to Florendo Studio Arts

Florendo Studio Arts is a ceramics and photography business owned by Michael & Angelique Florendo.  We are located in San Juan Capistrano, California and we were born and raised in Southern California.  After many years in the banking/finance industry we decided to step away from our cubicles.  The yearning to produce something tangible and beautiful drives us to constantly experiment and develop our craft.  The combination of ceramics and photography gives us a diverse outlet in 3D & 2D art.

Although we create all types of photography and ceramics we specialize in night landscapes and crystalline glazed pottery.   Both are challenging in their own way and unique.

Night photography has always had an allure to us with a certain atmosphere to scenes that you just don’t get during the day. The lights, stars and reflections at night are hard to capture and it adds to the challenge.

Our crystalline glazed pottery is a very unique and labor intensive style of pottery.  Each piece is unique and the crystals form at random and although we have some control over size and color the placement is almost completely random.  The crystals form on the surface of the glaze and like snowflakes build during a holding segment of the firing.  Since the glaze requires it to run we have to make a pedestal and catch basin to contain the glaze run off.  This means we have to break the piece away from the pedestal and catch basin.  Then hope the piece does not crack or chip.  Due to this process we have a lot of loss.  This is why crystalline glazes are not used by a larger segment of ceramic artists.

Hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoyed making it!